Omuse Fine Dining Water

LA PRECIEUSE BORDELAISE May be the finest secret from Bordeaux. Shining all around the world thanks to its outstanding wines, Bordeaux has also one of the purest water source in the world.

Hidden as a “precious” secret, the natural mineral water from Bordeaux also called “La Bordelaise” or “Le Grand Cru” in reference to its prestigious origin and its exceptional virtues was kept away from the international market for decades. Today, the secret of the Bordelais’ longevity is revealed: Food, Wine and Water… not that paradox!

With “detoxifying” and “anti-oxidizing” powers, our water can be consumed all day by all the members of the family including infants. We are proud to introduce you to the first and unique water “Grand Cru” from Bordeaux honoring the luxury of an origin, the quality of a source and the preciousness of a gift from mother nature.

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