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Originally founded as a general trading in 1990 by Riadh Abbas, grandson of Mostafa Bin Abdullatif Al-Abbasi, Legend was later turned into a Group of companies by his son Mustafa Abbas, who compiled the existing businesses as well as founded new ones. Legend is now one of the most reputable names in Dubai.
From a young age, Riadh had a vision and wanted to fulfill his passion for premium consumer products and real estate. In his 30s, he had come across Bang & Olufsen for the first time in Europe. The craftsmanship and detail to quality caught his attention immediately. Shortly after, he signed the agency agreement with the luxury-lifestyle brand as a local distributor.

Today, Legend Group is the exclusive agent for Bang & Olufsen in the United Arab Emirates, a business which has been in the Abbas family for 4 decades.

Some years later, Property Portfolios International was founded, a brokerage as well as property management that operates out of Dubai and London.

in 2005, his son Mustafa Abbas started getting involved with the family business and eight years later, made his way to CEO of the Group. he decided to fulfill his father's vision and grow the family's empire.

That same year, in 2013, he founded what would become one of the most popular barbershops in the region, Chivalry: Gentlemen's Salon. Located in Downtown Dubai, the high-end men's barbershop is going strong and one of the top rated salons in the Middle East.

Legend strives on adding value to its consumers as well as society, and continues to grow till this day.

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